The Kannady Family Session || Chaos :-)

23 December 2013

I only think it is fair that the photographer should have family pictures at least once a year. That way they (I) can understand what clients go through before, during and after the session. 

I decided last minute I needed family pictures. I planned on doing our pictures in February when it was a little less busy for me and the photographer shooting them. However, that changed when my Koda (yellow lab) had his SIXTH (yes, you read that right) surgery. That is a whole other blog post that I will share one day. Fear that he may not be here in February, I called my friends mom (who has second shot a wedding with me) to come over and take a few pictures of us out in the front of my house. I didn't want to worry about going somewhere with a dog with 20+ staples, 2 kids, and an always running late husband (love you honey :-)). I thought at home would be easiest. 

We were supposed to shoot at 4:45 - about 10 mins tops and then we would leave for our holiday party. At 4:30 I called Matt and he just picked up the kids and was in traffic. He was going to be HOME with the kids at 4. I was still finishing getting ready. It was 80 degrees, 2000% humidity and overcast outside. Perfect winter weather :/ Sun sets at 5:20 but with it overcast it was already pretty dark.

As soon as they got home, I got the kids ready (a feat with an independent 3 year old who can do everything by herself and an almost 2 year old who is attached to me like a growth). And Matt comes out with a hat. 

Anyway. We were able to get the 1 picture I wanted and that is all that mattered! When I tell clients, don't worry if your kid takes off running or is crying, I am used to that and understand completely. Here is proof:  

So this might work except for the kid mugshot faces

self explanatory

lets try upside down since that usually makes him laugh

Lets add two dogs in the mix.. that seems smart.. At least Zoe (dog in the middle) looks good!

This is where the almost 2 year declared the session over!

BUT I got my picture! It was so dark, the ISO was cranked up so therefore it is grainy, but I can call it FILM and that works :-)
Thank you Misty Crosby for taking on the challenge of photographing my family :-) 

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